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Where do badminton players get the most injuries?

Based on research of 150 amateur badminton players by Marchena-Rodriguez, Anaa; Gijon-Nogueron, Gabriel PhDb; Cabello-Manrique, Davidc,∗; Ortega-Avila, Ana Belen PhDa, May, 2020.

Even badminton is an individual sport. Don't have to encounter force with anyone. But it involves jumping, plunging, changing body postures, and moving your arms, legs, and other parts quickly. This is indicative to some degree that there is always the possibility of an acute injury. Especially if an athlete is injured too often, it may affect the back, shoulders, lower legs. and knees as well
The lower part of the body is often subjected to pressure and shock from the movement of badminton. may result in injury While the upper part of the joints that have to work the most is the shoulders. from movements that must be twisted back and forth within a short time Including using force to hit the ball These can result in shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries.

- From a study of 150 amateur badminton players, 22.44% had knee injuries, 18.3% had leg injuries, and 11.8% had upper arm and shoulder injuries.
- Serious injury (Took more than > 28 days to recover) The knee area accounted for the highest percentage of 35% of all severe injuries.
- At the same time, older players, female athletes, and those who train hard are more likely to get injured. On the other hand, if you have a lot of experience playing, it can help reduce this problem to some extent.

Currently playing badminton requires both speed. body strength more emphasis on tactics quality equipment and a lot more professional than before Therefore, modifying the training style to suit this type of sport. It's not just about physiology or physical performance. But you also need to know how to properly protect yourself.


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