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Should a basketball player wear an ankle brace or not?

The ankle is the most commonly injured area of ​​basketball players, with 42.9% of them injured during a game. Which if the player has an ankle injury, then there will be a chance to be injured in the same place repeatedly than usual, up to 5 times with such injury rates, therefore it is better to be careful to prevent joint injuries keep the foot or reduce the severity of the injury

shoes don't help both covered and non-covered

Research from the University of Tennessee has found that footwear alone does not protect against ankle injuries. no matter the height of the shoes Or whether it's a shoe with or without a shoe. There was no clear effect on reducing the likelihood of ankle injury.

What can be prevented

  • The use of ankle tape or ankle support can reduce the chances of a sprained ankle. And it can also reduce the severity of ankle injuries. They found that the ankle support was better at preventing injuries than tape. Especially in people who have had an ankle sprain before - research from the University of Amsterdam. The Netherlands ( university of Amsterdam) studied 300 footballers for six years.
  • A high-support rope ankle support can reduce the likelihood of ankle injury by 68% in basketball players and 61% in soccer players compared to not wearing an ankle support at all - University of Wisconsin research. USA ( University of Wisconsin) by studying and testing with Mcdavid ankle brace model 195.
  • ankle training Proprioceptive will strengthen the ankle to the same level as someone who has never had an ankle sprain. This will help reduce the chance of re-injuring the ankle.

No matter how you prevent ankle injuries, your focus should always be on achieving maximum results in a race or workout. If you are a basketball player who has a history of ankle injuries, you should be more careful.

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