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How do you choose a knee brace? The best knee brace doesn't have to be the most expensive.

When choosing a brace, choose a device that has enough support for the symptoms. and match your usage Lack of support may result in a greater likelihood of re-injury or does not reduce symptoms. Too much can cause discomfort and mobility. MCDAVID understands this problem and has designed a system to select the most suitable support for you, divided into 3 levels of support based on your symptoms. This makes it easy to choose and is most suitable for each person, clearly answering the question "best knee brace".

Level 3 provides maximum support and stability. for moderate to high instability of joints Including proactive injury prevention or people who have had surgery and the body is ready to return to exercise. prevent twisted knee The key element is the hinge axis. and harness system

Level 2 provides medium support and stability. Suitable for instability from tendon looseness, twisting and mild to moderate tendon injuries. as well as helping to relieve pain from chronic conditions A key element is the strapping coupled with targeted support. spring steel core

Tier 1 provides beginner support. Designed for mild pain and sprains Including reducing inflammation or slight swelling in the joints and ligaments. The key mechanism is compression or compression treatment.


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