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What's the strap on? best choice for you

In general, knee pads should be worn if you want to prevent injury during sports or sports. Have knee pain, especially in high impact and injury sports such as basketball, football, rugby. Slow down to gradually recover. Knee pads are also useful for people with arthritis as they can help reduce pain and inflammation. Consult with your doctor to help you decide if necessary.

How to choose the right fasteners?

When choosing a strap, look at the level of protection from LEVEL 1 to 3+.

LEVEL 1 provides minimal support and protection. But with the most flexibility and mobility, such as knee sleeves, they are good for pain relief and provide some level of support in full use.

LEVEL 2 offers more support and protection than level 1. Not as flexible as level 1, but can still give examples of the movement of the knee pads and straps around the knees. The support received is from mild to moderate to alleviate symptoms. Pain from tendon and muscle inflammation

LEVEL 3, such as knee braces with hinges, provide maximum support but limit movement. This type of brace is heavier and suitable for recovery after surgery to limit the movement of the knee and prevent re-injury.

LEVEL 3+ provides maximum protection and support. Best for pain relief from moderate to severe pain.

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