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McDavid 6446 | 1 Pair of Knee Pads

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McDavid 6446 HEX compression knee pads, 1 pair

HEX KNEE SUPPORT Used to help prevent injuries from bumps and scratches that may occur during sports. Especially sports with a high chance of collision such as basketball, volleyball, skating, American football, rugby, hockey and increasing muscle performance. blood flow and oxygen as well as UV 50+ protection with a special technology researched and researched by MCDAVID, widely used by NBA pro athletes.

TUF gloves are able to withstand repeated scuffs and slips. on hard surfaces Suitable for outdoor courts

special feature

  • HEX TECHNOLOGY A special hexagonal foam board with high impact resistance and does not absorb water. Help spread the impact from various types of sports. especially in sports with high chances of collision Helps prevent abrasions, cuts, bruises and prevents concussion that may occur to the bones.
  • lighter than normal knee pads The small hexagonal foam pads are curved to conform to the shape of the knees, making them comfortable to wear. does not move throughout use
  • Compression is a technology that improves blood flow. enhance muscle performance Helps to exercise longer. Reduce fatigue and make muscles recover faster. prevent cramps reduces injuries
  • hDc is a technology that helps absorb sweat effectively. and can evaporate quickly cool and dry quickly
  • Prevent scratches during sports
  • Protect from the sun's harmful rays from skin cancer, the highest level UV 50+.
  • World-class quality, confidently used by NBA pro athletes widely.
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