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McDavid 512 | All Day Wear

499 ฿
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The 512 elbow brace is used to relieve and prevent elbow pain. It is an entry level (LEVEL 1) protective knee support made from lightweight and breathable stretchy fabric. can be worn long-term throughout the day can wear all types of sports and can be used in daily life Reduce impact on the elbow area.

special feature

  • Soothes and prevents elbow pain
  • Made from MCDAVID special technology materials to help maintain the temperature. level of blood flow Tighten and support the muscles around the knee. reduces injuries and has high durability
  • premium quality Made from 2-way elastic fabric, the highest grade material provides protection and flexibility.
  • Can be used long term throughout the day and for people who are allergic to synthetic rubber.
  • Light and well ventilated Easy and quick to put
  • Can be worn on both left and right sides
  • World-class quality, confident that it is used by pro athletes around the world.
  • 6 months product warranty

** All models of MCDAVID products that are not purchased from an official distributor of MCDAVID THAILAND are not covered by the quality warranty from Thailand service centers.

5 / 5

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ซัพพอร์ตระดับเริ่มต้น | LEVEL 1


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