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McDavid 495 | 5 steel core back support belt

1,850 ฿
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5 steel core back support belts - high back support

back support, back block, back support

Back support belt 495 is used for relief and prevention of back pain, back pain relief, intermediate back support (LEVEL 2), has a steel core to support back. For people who have a daily life that has to sit at a table, drive for a long time or have to lift things. including those who have been injured and want to prevent repeated injuries in the back area

special feature

  • 5 steel cores designed to be in The position with the most support improves stability Medium Defense (LEVEL 2)
  • Relieve back pain. Relieve and prevent back pain or muscle pain. Helps to improve body
  • Made from MCDAVID special technology materials to help maintain the temperature. level of blood flow tighten and support muscles reduces injuries make the exercise last longer and has high durability
  • The double strap can be adjusted freely.
  • Light and well ventilated does not move throughout use
  • can be worn over clothes
  • World-class quality, confident that it is used by pro athletes around the world.
  • 6 months product warranty
** All models of MCDAVID products that are not purchased from an official distributor of MCDAVID THAILAND are not covered by the quality warranty from Thailand service centers.

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