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McDavid 7963 | Impact Vest

2,650 ฿
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HEX protective vest, black

Anti-shock vest HEX is used to help prevent injuries from impact that may occur during sports. Especially sports with high chances of collision such as basketball, volleyball, skating, American football, rugby, hockey, 9mm thick HEX plate helps protect the ribs and spine. Widely used by pro NBA athletes.

special feature

  • HEX TECHNOLOGY A special hexagonal foam board with high impact resistance and does not absorb water. Help spread the impact from various types of sports. especially in sports with high chances of collision Helps prevent abrasions, cuts, bruises and prevents concussion that may occur to the bones.
  • 9mm thick HEX plates help prevent and reduce injuries to the ribs and sternum.
  • Designed for basketball sports.
  • lighter than normal gloves Small hexagonal foam sheet, curved, comfortable to wear does not move throughout use
  • hDc is a technology that helps absorb sweat effectively. and can evaporate quickly
  • Armholes provide a snug fit and do not stretch after use.
  • Uses a 6-thread lock for seam strength and comfort. Thick fabric construction reduces injuries. and increase the service life of the product.
  • World-class quality, confidently used by NBA pro athletes widely.
  • 6 months product warranty

** All models of MCDAVID products that are not purchased from an official distributor of MCDAVID THAILAND are not covered by the quality warranty from Thailand service centers.

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แผ่น HEX หนา 9mm โอนรับซี่โครงและสันหลัง ออกแบบมาอย่างแม่นยํา อยู่ในจุดสําคัญที่มีการกระแทกบ่อยครั้งในกีฬาบาสเกตบอล


ดีไซน์โค้งรับกับร่างกายอย่างสมบูรณ์แบบ ให้การปกป้องโดยไม่จำกัดการเคลื่อนไหว