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McDavid 4311 | Double Steel Stud Ankle Strap

2,150 ฿
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McDavid 4311 Ankle Support, 2-layer steel core ankle strap - mid-level ankle support (LEVEL 2) is used for relieving pain and preventing ankle sprains, twists, sprains, causes that can cause damage to the ankle ligaments. Helps support and stabilize the ankle from unnatural movements and speed up recovery. can wear all types of sports

Can be worn both left and right

  • Double-sided ankle support steel core Arches the ankle to relieve and prevent injury. Used in conjunction with the vertical strap to lock the ankle and provide high stability.
  • shoes without soreness The straps are designed with a concave front so they don't feel tight, especially when worn with studs or thin-soled shoes.
  • 40% lighter normal support
  • no strings needed easy and fast with the system
  • Rough straps are located that do not slip in shoes. Specially designed to not be slippery in all movements.
  • suitable for sports

    ⚽ Football, especially worn with football boots

    🏃 running

    🏸 badminton

    🛹 skateboard

    🏐 Volleyball

    💪 exercise fitness

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    ซัพพอร์ตระดับแอดวานซ์ | LEVEL 2


    บางเบาโดยให้การป้องกันสูงสุด | สําหรับรองเท้าสตั๊ด

    เบากว่าซัพพอร์ตปกติถึง 40% นํ้าหนักแค่ 78 g ป้องกันข้อเท้าพลิกในการเล่นกีฬา

    รัด 2 ชั้นพร้อมแกนเหล็ก

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