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McDavid 5135 | Ankle Brace

999 ฿
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McDavid 5135 Plantar Fascia Ankle Support - Entry Level Support is used for the treatment and relief of plantar fasciitis. Inflammation of the plantar fascia, especially Helps relieve and prevent symptoms of twisted, sprained, dislocated, or sprained ankles. Helps support and support the ankle. and provide greater flexibility in movement Including people who have been injured and want to prevent repeated injuries. can wear all types of sports and in everyday life

Can be worn on both left and right sides

  • Treat and alleviate symptoms of bruises Inflammation of the plantar fascia, especially Designed to provide support at the point of the foot. The arch of the foot and heel and helps the circulation of blood to do better.
  • ergonomic design for added support and comfort
  • Produced with fine microfiber needles. for added strength and support
  • can wear all day Long-term or for people who are allergic to synthetic rubber

  • suitable for sports

    🏃 Running 🏀 Basketball Football 🏸 Badminton 🛹 Skateboarding 🌊 Wakeboarding 🏐 Volleyball 💪 Exercise Fitness

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