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McDavid 5132 Elite | All Day Gel Ankle Brace

1,499 ฿
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McDavid 5132 Ankle Support Elite ankle brace can be worn all day - medium support. Used for relief and prevention of ankle sprains, sprains, dislocations, or sprains. Helps support ankles and support ankles. and provide greater flexibility in movement Including people who have been injured and want to prevent repeated injuries. can wear all types of sports and in everyday life

Can be worn on both left and right sides

  • 2 gel cores help strengthen the stability of the ankle ligaments.
  • Premium quality 4-way elastic fabric Top-grade materials provide protection and flexibility.
  • ergonomic design fit more feet Add support and comfort
  • Light, comfortable, cool, well ventilated. can wear all day or for people who are allergic to synthetic rubber

  • suitable for sports

    🏀 Basketball Football 🏸 Badminton 🛹 Skateboarding 🌊 Wakeboarding 🏐 Volleyball 💪 Exercise Fitness

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